We are the future makers collective

Who? :Educators, students, creative professionals, creative and cultural industries, institutions and organisations

Why?: To address societal challenges through the nexus of art, technology and creative practice, for building collaborations and partnerships and breaking down institutional barriers, all while exploring alternative models of practice and pedagogy. Future Makers Collective explores the emerging intersections of creative media and new developments such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and wearable technologies, with a particular focus on their impacts on industry, education and political and social engagement.

What?: FMC is a hub for sharing expertise, events and information, through collaborative practice and shared spaces.

How?: By utilising the transformational potentials of maker culture and maker spaces, hackerspaces, and fab labs, aligned with fresh perspectives and new dimensions, better pedagogies and more inclusive educational models .

Where?: Formed in IT Tallaght, working within an Irish context, and internationally focused.

When?: Formed in January 2018, our first events are student centred. You can read about them here