Fallout Pattern

As part of the Future Makers Collective, 4th year Multimedia Creative Digital Media students worked on a collaborative project with Andrei Molodkin, 10 February – 6 April 2018 at Rua Red Arts Centre, Tallaght

As part of a major new show Fallout Pattern in Rua Red Arts Centre, renowned Russian artist Andrei Molodkin invited 4th year CDM students to collaborate with him in the work. For the duration of the show the students and founder members of FMC engaged in research and making in an open studio environment in Gallery Two, refining and passing their own pieces into the main space of Gallery One through the course of the exhibition’s run.

“In working with the students from the Institute of Technology, Tallaght (ITT), we are evolving a new language through their process of research and production. This language will then exist in a social place and will have the power to affect social change. I’m interested in creating a political language that exists in a social space rather than something for aesthetic pleasure”

Andrei Molodkin, 2018

More info on Fallout Pattern here