Mémétique Élucubrations

As an experienced practitioner in experimental music, I was invited in residence by 4DSOUND during mid-2018 to creatively experiment as a sound artist, technologist and researcher. My fortnight consisted of introducing my compositional processes to a 42 speakers sound spatialisation engine. The corpus of the work was live electronics mixed with sensing technologies. Spatialisation was […]

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Event submission

FMC is a hub for those working in the fields of media/arts/tech/science to break disciplinary and institutional silos – a space to share events/talks/shows/everything else to a regional, national and international audience. We welcome submissions from all spaces.

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The Creative Media team at IT Tallaght have inititated a new postgraduate research centre in the Institute: the Centre for Media and Electronic Arts, in collaboration with the School of Engineering in IT Tallaght. The research outcomes envisaged include possible modes of quantifying the value of collaborative work, and schema for future strategies in collaborative […]

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CMEA Symposium

On 2nd November 2018, IT Tallaght will host CMEA post-graduate research students for a research seminar. This event is invitation only – use the contact form to request an invite.

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Fallout Pattern

Future Makers Collective student members worked on a collaborative project with Andrei Molodkin, examining the phenomenon of Psychic Numbing and exploring three key themes; church/state control over women’s health; pseudo voluntary data collection; and structures of control in city architecture.

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FMC Events

we are the future makers collective An informal group of educators, students, creative and industry professionals,  institutions and organisations exploring how emerging synergies in media arts and technology can be used for societal change. FMC is a hub for sharing expertise, events and information, through collaborative practice and shared spaces. Learn more To stay up […]

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